Sociedad Latina holds ceremony for graduating youths

Sociedad Latina, a youth-oriented organization on Mission Hill, held a celebration on May 11 at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for its youths graduating from middle school, high school, and college, according to a press release.

Sociedad Latina Executive Director Alexandra Oliver-Dávila and Boston Centers for Youth and Families’ Commissioner William Morales co-hosted the event.

“This is Sociedad Latina’s most important event of the year, where we celebrate all of our youth graduating from middle school, high school, and college and express our commitment to support their future success,” said Oliver- Dávila, according to the press release. “We are so honored to be a part of the success of our youths and families, and look forward to partnering with them as they pursue their unique pathways. Latinos face a unique set of challenges to thriving in Boston, but this event is the proof that with the right support and a focus on skills and strengths, they can succeed.”

The organization’s graduates will go on several different paths, including four-year degrees and technical schools.

“I want all graduates to follow their dreams and, no matter how bad things might get, find the positive side and use that to move forward,” said Engel R., a member of Sociedad Latina’s college success program, according to the press release. “We Latinos have distinctive strengths: we know how to speak two languages and, because we come from another culture, we are able to view and appreciate things in a different way. I am proud of who I am, where I come from and what I have accomplished; and being a Latino is part of that.”

Sociedad Latina also awarded the third annual Aurea E. Beltrán Memorial Scholarship to two youths during the event.

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