Cider Press Fest

On Labor Day Monday Sept. 3, 3-5pm, it’s the annual Cider Press Fest at McLaughlin Playground featuring apples picked in Roxbury and Jamaica Plain. The McLaughlin Stewards invite neighbors to partake of free cider and the opportunity to help make it! Location is the newly renovated 4th tier across from 170 Parker Hill Ave.
Community based arborist Dennis Pultinas will introduce the work in the McLaughlin Woodlands grant funded by the Mission Hill Fenway Neighborhood Trust. Between the Fall of 2014 and Spring of 2018 over 80 trees were planted and cared for. All plantings are numbered and mapped. Those interested will be able to view the trees on a rough path through challenging terrain above Fisher Avenue. The project involved removal/containment of invasive trees, shrubs, vines and plants, and opening the canopy to generate new growth in the understory. The majority of trees are Shagbark hickories and four species of oaks. There are also White birch, White ash, dogwood, Striped maple, Eastern white pine, and Ironwood. The event is sponsored by McLaughlin Woodland and Orchard Stewards and Mission Hill Green. Information: 617-739-1489.
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