ZBA approves 111 Terrace St. project

The City’s Zoning Board of Appeals approved several variances for the 111 Terrace St. project last month, clearing one of the last remaining hurdles for the proposal.

The 111 Terrace St. project is proposed as being a new five-story development on Mission Hill by developers Mark Blotner and Mark Cabral.

The variances for the project include a use variance, as the site area is currently zoned as local industrial. The proposal also needed several dimensional variances, including for maximum floor area ratio, maximum building height, and minimum rear yard.

“We are happy to have received the approval of the Board to create much needed workforce housing in Mission Hill, and will continue to work with the community as we move forward,” said Mike Ross, a lawyer for the development team. Ross is the former city councilor for Mission Hill.

The property currently consists of 11,889 square feet of land, and consists of a three-story residential apartment of 2,732 square feet and is otherwise paved and utilized as a parking and tow lot area. The developers are proposing a new five-story, 42-unit residential building, consisting of approximately 31,862 square feet, 21 parking spaces, and 48 bike parking spaces. The building will have a mix of unit sizes, including 12 studios, 25 one-bedrooms, and 4 two-bedrooms. Some units will have access to private roof terraces or balconies on the second, third, fourth, and fifth floors. Five of these will be affordable units, including two artist live/work spaces.

The project will fund a transportation study/analysis of the Terrace Street corridor, the installation of signage and a new pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of Cedar Street and Terrace Street, will generate pedestrian access improvements along Terrace Street including widened sidewalks and landscaping improves, and the installation of new lighting along the building perimeter to improve visibility and pedestrian safety, according to the Boston Planning and Development Agency. The BPDA board approved the project in the fall.

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