BWSC Preparing for Major Water and Sewer Work in Brigham Circle

By Seth Daniel

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) will be conducting major work in Brigham Circle, Francis Street and St. Alphonsus Street this coming construction season.

The BWSC has put out a bid for the work on the Tremont Street/Francis Street corridor this month, and plans to conduct the work through this year’s construction season, which began on April 1.

Work programmed under this contract is driven by water main renewal.  Several of the streets in this contract have older unlined cast water mains that the Commission wishes to replace with new cement lined ductile. 

The lengths of replacement are relatively short in nature, the BWSC said, as these are segments that previously had street issues or utility conflicts.

The contract is meant to clean up short pieces of water main that never were renewed because of those previous issues.

There is also associated sewer and drain work, as the BWSC always inspects these pipes when programming water work to ensure that all BWSC assets are left in good condition at the end of the work.

The majority of the work in Mission Hill will take place on Francis Street, starting at Brookline Avenue and continuing to Brigham Circle. There, it will proceed across the Circle and up Tremont Street. Once at St. Alphonsus Street, the job will take a left turn and wrap up at Smith Street.

It’s a stretch that includes most of the Mission Hill business district.

Gore Street, a small street between Parker Street and Tremont, will also have work done as part of the contract.

There was no details on when the work would be completed.

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