Have A Seat : Mission Hill Neighborhood Bench Installation

Mission Hill Main Streets spearheaded the effort to bring much needed bench seating to the Mission Hill neighborhood on Huntington Avenue.  This project was made possible through grants provided by the Boston Planning & Development Agency.

The black metal benches are located at the entrance to Mission Hill, Boston neighborhood on South Huntington, between DeAngelo’s and South Huntington Market, all the way to Brigham Circle, Mission Hill at The Mission restaurant and café.  Several of the benches have dedication plaques that were donated by various institutions and in honor of specific individuals.   One bench has been painted red and placed under the plaque on the wall at Mission Park, opposite Parker Hill Avenue, and is “Dedicated to All Firefighters.”

Much of the streetscape along the Huntington Avenue corridor between Brigham Circle and the Riverway has lacked crucial components that sponsor a healthy and active setting for those living in the neighborhood.  Street seating, planters and street trees were almost completely missing in this area.  Over time, Mission Hill Main Streets installed bicycle racks and planters.  This spring, MHMS installed a total of 14 Lamplighter-design metal benches along Huntington Avenue and one bench on Tremont Street near Mission Church.

Thanks to the funding by the BPDA and the City of Boston for installation, these benches visually unify the connection between the businesses, institutions and residences of Mission Hill.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Ellen Walker at 617-232-0182 or email at [email protected]

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