CAMH Meets With Developers

On Wednesday, August 21, the Community Alliance of Mission Hill (CAMH) met for its regularly scheduled monthly meeting. On the agenda was a presentation by the developers of the property at 16-19 Delle Avenue.

• Delle Avenue

Developers of 16-19 Delle Avenue are seeking a number of variances, including the following zoning code violations: building height is excessive in both stories and feet, both rear yard and additional lot is insufficient, Floor Area Ratio (FAR) exceeds limits, parking is insufficient, and multi-family units are not allowed. Presenters for the property at Delle Avenue did not appear, but will appear at September’s CAMH meeting.

• Gore Street Garden Project

A tax issue has delayed the transfer of ownership of the garden at 6-8 Gore Street from the City to Mission Hill Health Movement (MHHM). The Department of Neighborhood Development will issue a license to MHHM at their upcoming meeting so they can begin construction on the garden as soon as possible.

The cost of the garden would be $75K, which will be funded in part by a $62K city grant. Volunteer efforts and donations will be sought to fund the remainder. The high cost was due to the garden having to comply with the accessibility standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Other expenses include plumbing, landscaping, border fencing and shrubbery.

• Affordable Units

The Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) is considering scrapping a policy that states that projects with nine or fewer units do not have to offer affordable housing. Developers appear to be creating projects at this size so they don’t have to offer affordable units.

• Invasive Plant

A concern was raised about an invasive plant (see photo above) that local homeowners might find in their gardens. Black swallow-wort, also known as Louise’s swallow-wort or black dog-strangling vine, threatens monarch butterflies and residents are encouraged to remove it from their gardens. The plant is a twisting vine with small, star-shaped black or purple flowers.

• Student Behavior

When a resident calls 911 to report bothersome behavior on the part of local university students, a police report is generally not filed. Without a report, the schools are not able to take action against the students in question. A representative from Councilor Zakim said that the Problem Properties Task Force can expedite school involvement by using the copies of the local police log that it receives from law enforcement.

• Representation at Abutters Meetings

Residents called for better communication regarding abutters meetings happening in the local community. Shanice Pimentel from the Mayor’s Office Department of Neighborhood Services has agreed to send CAMH all the dates of scheduled abutters meetings in Mission Hill.

• Upcoming Events

The Safety Committee will resume its regularly scheduled meetings on August 29 at 7pm in Mission Church Parish Hall. Ward 10 is hosting a forum for City Council candidates at the Tobin Community Center on September 18. The Mission Hill Road Race will take place on September 28.

Community Alliance of Mission Hill meets on the third Wednesday of the month in auditorium G-3 of the Kresge building at the Chan School of Public Health at 677 Huntington Ave. from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Their next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 18. All members of the Mission Hill community are invited to attend.

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