Letter : Hats off to the Staff — a First Rate Community Newspaper

Dear Editor,

I am a subscriber from Watertown, ex of Mission Hill. I have enjoyed the Gazette over the years and have witnessed its emergence into a respected journalistic endeavor to become a first-rate community newspaper. For instance , the recent July column “ Hill Happenings “ by Mossie Martin,  reflecting the tenor and flavor of the Hill, was a superb piece of journalism infused by his top-shelf style of writing.

Especially sparkling was his observation that the honchos at Brigham and Women’s Hospital were way off the mark in removing the photos and portraits of pre-eminent physicians and staff who contributed mightily to medicine in general and to the institution.

This removal of their likenesses from an honored place was done apparently in the name of diversity – because they were white.   Maybe they could have Photoshopped them.

Tom Killilea

P.S. I am he who absconds with 9 Gazettes from Mike’s Donuts each month to bring along to our MH monthly coffee.

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