BPDA Approves Notice of Project Change for Mission Hill Project

Last month the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) approved a Notice of Project Change (NPC) request by the developers of the 154 Terrace St. development in Mission Hill.

The approved NPC by the BPDA reduces the overall building height and unit density for the project. The Board approval represents a reduction of 18,750 gross square feet and a total of 46 income-restricted units, 20 more than were included in the originally approved project.

The approved NPC applies to Phase II of the two phase project. Phase I developed the 164-166 Terrace St. parcel into 175 artist housing units along with 84 underground parking spaces while Phase II of the project consists of a new six story building measuring approximately 61,250 gross square feet and containing 64 residential ownership units. The project is located seven minutes away from the Roxbury Crossing and Jackson Square MBTA stations. The preliminary unit mix consists of thirty-two 32 one-bedroom units, twenty-four 24 one-bedroom plus den units, and five two-bedroom units.

Both Phase I and Phase II will result in a total of 126 units of which there are 43 onsite affordable units in the Phase I building. There will be an additional three onsite affordable units in the Phase II building for a total of 46 income-restricted units or 20 more than originally proposed.

The preliminary unit mix consists of 32 one-bedroom units, 24 one-bedroom plus den units, and 5 two-bedroom units.

The developer will also contribute approximately $1.23 million, which would be used to create affordable housing elsewhere in the neighborhood. With this contribution the Phase II Project will be fully compliant with the BPDA’s Inclusionary Development Policy.

There will also be 27 new parking spaces in a ground floor garage in the Phase II building.

With a height of 65 feet along Terrace Street, the NPC II Project will blend in with the significant Mission Hill hillside in the front of the site, and will generally conform to the heights of the existing Phase I Project building. Additionally, these new residential units will provide much- needed housing to the City.

Prior to submitting the NPC for Phase II the developer presented the changes at community meeting before Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services on February 2, 2018, March 20, 2018, June 26, 2019, and more recently on October 21, 2019. Additionally, the developer discussed the proposed at a community meeting with the Community Alliance of Mission Hill on May 16, 2018. The group voted in support of the proposed changes.

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