Sociedad Latina Relocated During Major Renovations

Sociedad Latina shuttered its site at 1530 Tremont St. in January of this year in order to realize extensive renovations. The organization has temporarily moved across the street to the Tobin Community Center building at 1483 Tremont St. in the interim.

Sociedad Latina purchased the three-level brick building at 1530 Tremont St. in 2017 after leasing it since the 1980s. The building used to be a residence and was divided into various small, disjointed rooms. Renovations will include knocking down several walls in order to create a more open flow.

On the first floor, the music and arts spaces will be getting a much-needed upgrade, expanding performance areas and opening up more practice space. The second floor will feature a STEM lab to support students’ education in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. A space on the third floor will support young entrepreneurs with technology, tools and coaching.

Previously, Sociedad Latina offered programs at various locations around the city including the Timilty Middle School in Roxbury and Mario Umana Academy in East Boston. The enhanced space will allow Sociedad Latina to have all of its programs operating under one roof.

In addition to expanding the space, the design will also be more modern and attractive in the hopes of drawing more young people to the center.

“Our renovations will bolster participation in our programs by balancing essential building repairs with architectural enhancements for improved program space,” reads a press release from Sociedad Latina.

The redesign was the vision of Boston-based Studio Luz Architects and construction is being realized by Haynes Group, Inc. of West Bridgewater.

The cost for the entire renovation comes to $2.5 million. Part of the money was raised through Sociedad Latina’s capital campaign launched in connection with the organization’s 50th anniversary, which it celebrated in 2018.

Sociedad Latina was founded in 1968 as a social club for Latinx individuals who had recently moved to Boston. Currently it focuses on youth development and systemic change. Its many programs serve 5,000 youths per year on the educational, professional, personal and community levels.

Sociedad Latina hopes to occupy the newly renovated space by the fall of 2020.

“In this vibrant center for youth leadership and achievement, Sociedad Latina will empower more of our young people to realize their potential and become true leaders,” reads the press release.

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