Local Black media network continues to present candidates despite pandemic

Mission Hill native Ron Bell interviews both U.S. Senate candidates, re-launched Dunk the Vote 2020

US Sen. Ed Markey and US Congressman Joseph Kennedy III both made an appearance on the Boston Praise Radio & TV Boston Black News segment on Friday, June 19, with Mission Hill native Ron Bell serving as moderator.

US Congressman Joseph Kennedy III was live at the studio at 9:30 a.m. and US Senator Ed Markey was interviewed at 10 a.m.

Pastor Bruce Wall is the CEO and Founder of Boston’s first and only church based, Black owned, FCC licensed FM Radio, TV, Social Media and Internet Multi-Media Network.

Ron Bell, founder of Dunk the Vote and a native of Mission Hill, interviewed both candidates for the US Senate.  Bell recently launched Dunk the Vote 2020, to increase voter registration, education and turnout. Dunk the Vote previously registered more than 50,000 Massachusetts residents to vote over many years, going door to door in Mission Main and holding big events at the Reggie Lewis Center.

Pastor Wall said, “He supports the movement to take down the statues of racist leaders of our country and to rename the Faneuil Hall Building that was given to Boston by a racist slave trader.”

He went on to say, “But even more important is the challenge Black people face to register to vote, educate themselves and go to the polls to elect candidates who have a proven track record on the issues that are germane to the survival of Black people in America.”

Bell said, “Voting is a public health emergency. History continues to repeat itself. Dunk the Vote was founded in response to the (Charles) Stuart tragedy in Mission Hill and the Rodney King verdict in Los Angeles in 1992. We need to continue to march, protest, and create policy that can prayerfully help change the culture of systematic racism in every sector of our society.”

Pastor Wall invited all candidate looking to reach the Black voters to make time to spend on his show.

“All roads should lead to Boston Praise Radio & TV for the candidates who value and want the Black Vote,” said Wall. “We will aggressively reach out to the candidates to speak to our people through our 29-different media platforms. We are using the power of radio, TV, social media and the Internet to educate Black people and the residents of the city about their civic duty to do more than just talk and complain about their condition. We want them to do something about it by voting in the upcoming election, even though we are in a pandemic.”

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