Mission Hill, Boston overwhelmingly support Biden in General Election

By Dan Murphy and Seth Daniel

Were the entirety of Mission Hill to completely melt off its core and cause both hills to roll down to Columbus Avenue, it would be the same kind of massive landslide that the neighborhood delivered to President-elect Joe Biden over President Donald Trump in the General Election on Nov. 2.

Mission Hill voters delivered a 91 percent vote for Biden/Harris to a 9 percent vote for Trump/Pence in the election – a tremendously lopsided victory that wasn’t unexpected. Biden received 7,355 votes in Mission Hill and Trump received 735 votes in the neighborhood.

Citywide, Boston voters overwhelmingly supported Biden over Trump on the road to the White House. Nearly 83 percent of voters citywide cast a total of 225,368 ballots for the Democrat ticket of Biden and Kamala Harris while President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence trailed with almost 16 percent of the ballot, or 42,707 votes cast.

Statewide, Biden garnered the support of nearly 66 percent of voters to best Trump, who trailed with around 33 percent.

In Mission Hill, Trump failed to get more than 100 votes in all but two of the neighborhoods nine precincts. Trump got 101 votes in the Back of the Hill Apartments precinct and 193 votes at the Parks Community Room. Other than that, it was slim pickins’ for the sitting president. Meanwhile, Biden collected more than 1,000 votes at the Back of the Hill precinct, and also at the Curley K-8 in JP – which hosts only part of Mission Hill’s voters and is mostly a JP precinct.

On Question 1, which allows car owners to access and share vehicle data with independent repair shops, nearly 75 percent of Boston voters cast a total 190,429 ballots to support it in contrast to the approximately 25 percent of the city’s voters cast who cast 63,872 ballots in opposition.

Similarly, 75 percent of voters statewide voted “yes” on Question 1 while 25 percent opposed it.

Ballot Question 2 – a binding referendum that enacts ranked-choice voting in primary and general elections – was supported by nearly 62 percent of the city’s voters (155,123 ballots cast) while around 38 percent (96,264 ballots cast) rejected it.

Ultimately, around 55 percent of voters statewide rejected Question 2 as opposed to the approximately 45 percent of voters who supported it.

One of the bigger stories in the General Election for Boston voters was the large turnout, with 63.5 percent turnout and 274,344 votes cast. That was a number buoyed by the possibility of mail-in voting and ample early-voting opportunities as well. The numbers of mail-in ballots as opposed to in-person voting was not immediately available.

Mayor Martin Walsh said the historic voter turnout in Boston was expected in this election – and he also attributed that milestone to enhanced early and mail-in voting options in this election.

How Mission Hill Voted

Mission Hill Ward 

and Precinct Results:

Mission Hill Result:

Donald Trump/Mike Pence (R) – 735 (9 percent)

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris (D) – 7,355 (90.9 percent)

10-1 (Mission Main Community Center, Smith Street)

Trump – 57

Biden – 581

10-2 (Mission Main Community Center, Smith Street)

Trump – 57

Biden – 497

10-3 (Tobin Municipal building, Tremont Street)

Trump – 57

Biden – 478

10-4 (Robert & Theresa Parks Community Room, 2 New Whitney)

Trump – 193

Biden – 924

10-5 (Tobin Municipal building, Tremont Street)

Trump – 59

Biden – 630

10-6 (JFK Elementary School, Bolster Street)

Trump – 73

Biden – 719

10-7 (Julia Martin House, Bickford Street)

Trump – 68

Biden – 944

10-8 (Back of the Hill Apts., South Huntington Avenue)

Trump – 101

Biden – 1,171

10-9 (Curley K-8, Centre Street, Jamaica Plain)

Trump – 70

Biden – 1,411

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