Accelerated Green Line D Branch track and signal replacement work to start June 12

The MBTA’s Green Line Transformation program (GLT) will accelerate the Green Line D Track and Signal Replacement Project to complete the most disruptive track replacement work by early fall 2021. After this milestone, signal replacement and testing will continue through the end of fall 2021 when the project is anticipated to be fully complete. The signal work may occasionally be disruptive as crews move equipment on and off the tracks. The acceleration will condense the duration of the noisy trackwork, however, and reduce future impacts on D Branch riders. 

 The full access closure for 24/7 work will take place in two phases from June 12 through June 20 and from June 24 through July 2, ending before the Fourth of July holiday weekend. This accelerated approach will also ensure the entire project is completed on time to deliver the full benefits to our riders. 

“The full access closures of the D Branch represents the second major acceleration of GLT projects this year,” said MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak. “These accelerations are focused on shortening the construction timeframe and delivering benefits to our riders sooner, particularly as we expect ridership to continue to rise over 2021. Construction always brings some challenges to abutters and riders. However, acceleration condenses the period of disruption and allows us to work more efficiently. Once complete, the D Branch Track and Signal Replacement project will deliver safer and more reliable service for years to come.” 

The Green Line D Track and Signal Replacement Project is a major infrastructure project that includes replacing 25,000 feet of track and 6.5 miles of signals on the Green Line D Branch between Riverside and Beaconsfield. While safe and functioning, much of the D Branch infrastructure was in need of updating. Prior to the start of this project, the signal system used elements from the 1950s and the track was approximately 30 years old. The benefits of updating these elements include the lifting of speed restrictions on some sections for faster service and mitigating the risk of service interruptions with a modern, centralized signal system. 

 “Not only will the D Branch work taking place this summer get the trackwork completed ahead of schedule, but we will also amplify the results we deliver during this acceleration period. We are working closely with the Town of Brookline to leverage access and allow significant progress on municipal projects at Brookline Hills Station, Brookline High School, and the Carlton Street Footbridge,” said Chief of Green Line Transformation Angel Peña. “We understand that construction is inconvenient and we are working as quickly and safely as we can to assure a smoothly operating ride for all of our D Branch customers by later this fall. We thank you for your patience and cooperation. GLT will continue to keep riders and the communities we serve informed of our progress as we accelerate the project.”

Acceleration Details:

Starting after the end of normal service on Friday, June 11, crews will work around the clock — weekdays, weeknights, and weekends — for a total of 18 days to accelerate the construction and ultimately reduce the duration of impacts to our riders and neighbors. The work will take place for 24 hours a day as follows:

• From the end of regular train service on Friday, June 11, to the beginning of regular train service on Monday, June 21

• From the end of regular train service on Wednesday, June 23, to the beginning of regular train service on Saturday, July 3.

 During the accelerated work, the noisiest track replacement is anticipated to be concentrated in the Reservoir area and the Riverside area. Crews will be working along the project corridor between Riverside and Beaconsfield on catenary pole installations, welding of previously installed new rail, and signal replacement, some of which can generate noise. Crews will be moving equipment on and off the tracks in various locations. The public is encouraged to check the Work Locations section on the project website for the latest anticipated work locations. Work will include replacing nine units of special trackwork where trains switch tracks.

These closures also give other area projects the opportunity to complete major developments, including the Town of Brookline’sBrookline High School Expansion Project, Brookline Hills Station Accessibility Improvements, and Carlton Street Footbridge Rehabilitation. Other MBTA Departments, such as the Maintenance Department, may also take this opportunity to complete needed work on the D Branch.

Alternate Green Line Service During Accelerated Work:

To accelerate the work, train service will be replaced with shuttle buses on the D Branch between Riverside and Kenmore for a total of eighteen days. The two nine-day closures will take place on the following dates:

• Saturday, June 12, through Sunday, June 20.

• Thursday, June 24, through Friday, July 2.  

These free, accessible shuttle buses will stop at stations between Riverside and Kenmore. The MBTA will carefully monitor ridership levels on shuttle buses, adjusting service levels if needed.

 All work on the Green Line D Track and Signal Replacement Project will pause on July 3 through July 5 for the Fourth of July holiday. On Tuesday, July 6, shuttles will continue to run on weeknights and weekends through the duration of the project. More information can be found on the Green Line D Service Changes page as well as within D Branch Alerts.

Minimizing Noise:

The MBTA implements standard mitigation strategies to minimize noise disruptions to neighbors. Noise levels are monitored, and the MBTA responds to all noise complaints. A 24/7 noise hotline is available to report a noise issue at 508-676-3550.

For more information, visit, email [email protected], or connect with the T on Twitter @MBTA, Facebook /TheMBTA, or Instagram @theMBTA.

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