Bob Cappucci Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Boston

Bob Cappucci, a lifelong resident of East Boston, a retired Boston Police Officer ,a veteran of the US Navy Nuclear Submarine Service, is running for mayor as the Law and Order candidate. He has experienced the hopes and struggles of many people in Boston: as a Boston police officer;as an elected member of the Boston School Committee ; as a substitute teacher in the Boston Public Schools, and as a director of a community housing program in East Boston.

These experiences give Bob a clear and personal understanding of the issues facing Boston’s neighborhoods. The issues of education, crime , addiction , domestic violence and the small businesses that struggle . As Mayor he will make sure all neighborhoods will have much more say and input concerning any real estate development projects.Bob is Pro Life , Pro Police, Pro Veterans, Pro Exam Schools. Bob will represent every person in every neighborhood, he will fully fund the Boston Police Department and he will always support our children our seniors and our special needs community.

Bob loves America and Bob loves Boston. Please vote for Bob Cappucci on September 14th. # 7 on the Ballot. Thank You. God Bless You and Yours. Robert Meany Cappucci.

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