What’s Happening on Main Streets

By Ellen Walker

Special to the Gazette

On Friday, July 19th, Mission Hill Main Streets recognized the Brigham and Women’s Hospital staff with an Exceptional Community Supporter Award.  The MHMS Board of Directors wanted to acknowledge and recognize the efforts of the staff for “all the lives they saved, took care of and helped during the past year of the COVID-19 pandemic.”  The President of BWH, Dr. Sunil Eappen, accepted this well-deserved award on behalf of the institution, and met with several of our board members.  It was wonderful to meet someone at the helm of one of the most prestigious medical facilities in our country, who is so grounded and understands the importance of community support and outreach. 

As I was walking through the district and admiring the newly renovated building that houses Sociedad Latina on Tremont Street, I bumped into Juan Maldonado from Sociedad Latina and asked him for a quick tour.  He graciously took me around the entire building and showed me the new classrooms, the music room and new space for staff.  Looking out the window and seeing Mission Church and with sun shining through the windows, one can feel the arts in the air.  The nice layout, design and colors of the room are all conducive to learning and being creative.  While the exterior has been renovated to highlight the historic, architectural details, Sociedad Latina interior renovations are state-of-the-art.  The young people are fortunate to be able to learn and work in such a great environment.  This is made even better by people like Juan who has a passion to help others.

Milkweed Café at 1508 Tremont Street hosted “Coffee with a Cop” on July 9th.  For over two hours, folks shared stories, exchanged tales, community information and socialized.  There is a sense of kindred spirit because everyone there loves Mission Hill.  Community Officer Mike O’Rourke was in attendance introducing everyone and making sure we all received our coffee mug – nice touch Mike!  Many familiar faces from the neighborhood were there like Chris Dwyer from New England Baptist Hospital and Superintendent Nora Baston from BPD’s Bureau of Community Engagement.  In addition, the new Commander of B-2, Captain Dennis Cogavin was spending his first full day in his new role with us here in Mission Hill.  MHMS is looking forward to the next Coffee with a Cop event in Mission Hill.

In mid-July, several business owners in Brigham Circle and MHMS met with the MBTA / Green Line Transformation Team to talk about the impact of the construction, during the month of August, on the businesses and to work out a plan to help promote business and access during the construction.  Even though the E line requires repair and maintenance work, I walked away with the feeling that there is genuine concern to have the least impact on the businesses and community.  We also met with Tom Yardley and Laura Oggeri from MASCO (Medical Academic Scientific Community Organization) about ways to support the neighborhood, including promoting Mission Hill restaurants, coffee shops and businesses in their newsletter and social media platforms as well as advertising on some of the shuttle buses. 

The Mission Hill Arts Festival performances are spellbinding with a stellar cast of local favorites performing original works.  The shows will continue through mid-August, so you have time to see one if you have not yet had the experience!  Luisa Harris, of Arts Talks, is an exceptional arts promotor and organizer.  Her courage of launching this first annual Mission Hill Arts Festival exemplifies her courage and love for the arts.  Of course the program always features a performer whose music would take us to a different level of enjoyment.   Above all, the performances are entertaining and reception by the audience is heartwarming. 

Just a few things to think about this Summer:

Next month’s issue of the Mission Hill Gazette is The Best of Mission Hill.   Don’t forget to vote for all your favorites either online or via U.S. Mail!  

The City of Boston has a new ONS (Office of Neighborhood Services) liaison for Mission Hill and her name is Molly Griffin.  Molly and I did a walking tour of the entire MHMS district in late July, and I am looking forward to working with her.

Remember, always shop local, shop small!  Mission Hill’s small businesses need you.  Not sure who is here?  Go to:  https://explore.missionhillmainstreet.com for our most up to date business list!

“Never put an age limit on your dreams.”  Dara Torres, American swimmer and 12-time Olympic medalist

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