Blair Capital Looking To Develop 120 Units in Mission Hill

The Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) is reviewing two Mission Hill proposals by Boston-based developer Blair Capital totaling more than 120 units.

The larger of the two projects at 110-128R Terrace St., Blair plans to construct a six story, 87,000 square foot mixed use development on a site currently housing an auto repair shop and three adjacent residential buildings. 

The building would include 80 apartment units, ground floor retail and 30 below grade parking spaces.

According to Blair’s attorney, Mike Ross, the proposal would require the demolition of the existing commercial auto repair buildings and three residential structures. The residential program will consist of a total of 80 apartment units including 11 affordable units under the BPDA’s inclusionary policy. Unit types include traditional one, two and three-bedroom flats, studio and micro units, and two and three bedroom duplexes on the upper floors.

The process on this proposal began in Janaury 2021 and is awaiting BPDA approval.

The other project located at 1-4 Terrace Place, Blair is planning to construct a six-story, 40,000 square foot residential development that includes 47 homeownership condo units, seven of which would be affordable under the BPDA’s inclusionary policy. The project also includes 14 underground parking spaces.

At a BPDA meeting on May 23, Attorney Ross said the final proposal was the result of a lot of effort and energy by Mission Hill residents, the BPDA and Blair to get this project right and something that works for the neighborhood.

After months of tweaking the project Ross said at the meeting, “We’re really pleased to be back here now, to show (Mission Hill residents) what we’ve been able to do. We’re proposing 47 home ownership condominium units. That’s something that we understood to be very important to the community. There are also 14 parking spaces within this proposal, 48 bicycle spaces inside and 10 bicycle spaces outside and we are meeting our  goal for 15% of our units to be affordable.”

Based in Southie, Blair is known for its developments in Chicago like the Saint George Plaza complex that includes 370 units.

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