A student’s guide to Mission Hill

The following is some basic information for students moving into the Mission Hill area.

General Boston

Get renter’s insurance. It might seem like an unnecessary expense until you have a break-in, or your upstairs neighbor’s toilet overflows while they’re out of town.

The City of Boston has many services for renters. Learn about and use them at cityofboston.gov/rentalhousing.

 The City has a 24/7 hotline for questions or concerns at the phone number, 311, or the Twitter handle, @BOS311. There is also smartphone app called BOS: 311.

Introduce yourself to your neighbors, give them your contact information and get theirs. It’s just as easy and more pleasant to call them than the police.

If you have a dog, clean up after it. It’s courteous and a City ordinance.

Shovel sidewalks abutting your residence in the winter. It is your responsibility, not the City’s, to do so.

Be considerate when throwing parties: let your neighbors know about them and remember, many of them must wake up early, even on Saturdays.

Keep your property tidy.

Mission Hill-specific

Trash and recycling pick-ups are on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The local public library is the Parker Hill Branch Library, at 1497 Tremont St. The number is 617-427-3820. 

The Tobin Community Center, at 1481 Tremont St., has gym facilities and classes, depending on age. It also has youth, family, and senior programs. Reach it at tobincommunitycenter.org and 617-635-5216.

Patronize local businesses. They love you.

Get involved in the neighborhood: join cleanups; go to community meetings; voice your opinions. You’re part of the community.

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