DOT Announces New Bus and Bike Lanes Project

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The Community Alliance of Mission Hill met on Sept. 21 for its first monthly meeting after the summer hiatus. The agenda included a presentation from the transportation department and two construction petitions.

Transportation Dept. Presentation

The Boston Department of Transportation introduced its Bus and Bike Lanes Project, which would support the 39 bus route, biking safety, students, shuttles and emergency vehicles.

The department is always reviewing the corridor from South Huntington/Huntington Avenue and Brigham Circle inbound toward Gainsborough Street by the MBTA Symphony subway stop.

A traffic study plan is underway for Terrace and Parker Streets.

Questions and concerns can be sent to [email protected].

1615-1617 Tremont St.

Developers presented exterior and interior plans for a Jewish cultural center at 1615-1617 Tremont St. The center would also provide temporary housing for families receiving medical treatment at the area’s many hospitals.

The project would involve the demolition of the former Mission Hill Post at 1617 Tremont St. and the construction of a four-story building with a penthouse and roof deck. It would incorporate the existing two-family dwelling at 1615 Tremont St. into the center.

Developers are currently seeking zoning relief for the following violations: insufficient off-street parking, loading, yard space, and usable open space; excessive FAR and building height; second-floor community center, and transitional housing.

The developers already have a thriving Jewish center at the Harvard campus. Visit

CAMH members expressed concern regarding the building height, saying it should line up with other businesses in the area.

4 Cherokee St.

Meeting attendees reviewed floor plans for a renovation of 4 Cherokee St. Presenters

want to convert the existing one-family dwelling to a two-family dwelling. This would require internal layout changes, expansion into the basement and the addition of a dormer, all while maintaining the current footprint.

Developers originally presented back in March, and came back with a list of updated plans. They are currently seeking zoning relief for the following violations: insufficient open space and side yard setback, and excessive FAR.

Zero members voted in favor of the project. Twelve voted in opposition, and one abstained.

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