Hill Happenings

The 1964 Mission High class gathered last month for an informal reunion at Lewis’ Restaurant and Grille in Norwood.

The ’64 Mission group had a bountiful number of outstanding athletes including pro baseball player Tom “Dubba” Walsh, Rich Stanton, Mike Foley, and a smallish fullback, Ronnie Keefe. More importantly, they and their classmates are successful citizens and  terrific guys. 

My late brother, Tom Martin, was also a ‘64 Mission High graduate. After high school, Tom enlisted in the Army and served in Vietnam. After his military service Tom attended Northeastern University and graduated in 1971. He soon became a professor at Towson University in Maryland. After earning his doctoral degree in chemistry, Tom switched careers and worked in the laboratory at the Baltimore branch of Barre-National, a pharmaceutical company. 

Tom died in 2004, and I often think about him and dearly miss my brother. 

Bobby Earley also served in Vietnam, and he is a Mission High ‘64 alumnus. During my wonderful days in the Mission Hill project in the early ‘60s, Bobby, a talented hoopster who died in 1990, mentored me on the Mission Hill basketball courts. Thanks  Bobby and R.I.P.

The Mission Hill Post 327 had a wonderful Christmas party Dec. 17 at Victory Point Restaurant in Quincy. I appreciated  Enoch “Woody” Woodhouse’s succinct and passionate speech about the members and our goals. 

Woody, a World War II veteran, also had a few nice words for Mission Hill Main Streets Director, Ellen Walker.  Ellen is quick to lend a helping hand to Mission Hill Post causes. 

I enjoyed chatting with John Morrissey at the celebration. John, a Korean War veteran, told a few tavern tales going back to the days when he owned the Calumet Café (currently The Mission Bar & Grill) 60 years ago. 

I told John about the time a guy walked into the bar with a piece of asphalt under his arm and ordered a beer and one for the road. It was nice seeing many of the wives at the party, particularly my charming ‘67 Mission High classmates, Marian.

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