CAMH Supports New Burney Street Building

By Michael Coughlin Jr.

At its monthly meeting on February 21st, the Community Alliance of Mission Hill (CAMH) voted to support a project at 8 Burney Street, which includes demolishing the current structure and constructing a new building.

This project, initially presented at January’s CAMH meeting, would, as mentioned, demolish the existing three-story building at the property, and a new five-story building with nine units would be erected in its place.

Dermot Doyne, the property owner, presented the proposal to those in attendance at this month’s meeting and explained that, at one point, the building was a four-bedroom, three-unit building.

However, he explained that they have rented it out as three, three-bedroom units “to comply with the rules in Mission Hill.”

As part of the nine-unit proposal, there are plans for the building to contain three studios, four one-bedrooms, one two-bedroom, and one three-bedroom. “The density is not really going to change; it’s going to be 12 beds,” said Doyne.

Additionally, two roof decks, a headhouse, and no parking spaces are planned as part of the proposal.

Moreover, though the height of the building would increase, and a headhouse would be incorporated on top with the roof decks, Doyne indicated it would be comparable to surrounding buildings.

“The actual overall height compared to the buildings next to us — it’s going to be lower than everything around us even with the expansion. The only way it might not be, and it would be pretty close, will be the building in front of us,” said Doyne.

Doyne also explained that the units are going to be built as and eventually turned into condos, but he said, “Right now, I’m looking at long leases.”

Regarding the zoning relief requested in conjunction with the project, it would need variances for use, parking, lot area, open space, rear yard, side yard, and height.

Luis Santana, a consultant who presented the project at January’s meeting and arrived later on during the presentation, spoke about the zoning violations.

“The existing three-family is non-conforming to pretty much all the zoning parameters,” said Santana.

“So some of those non-conformities such as the height and the FAR (floor area ratio) will definitely be increased,” he added.

Throughout his presentation, Doyne took several questions from those in attendance and provided answers.

For example, an attendee wanted to know the rents of the studio and one-bedroom units.

Doyne had theorized about different prices but wanted to know more about the cost of the project and later said, “I’ll be reasonable.”

Another attendee asked if any excavation had to be done in conjunction with the project, to which Doyne indicated there was not.

An attendee also asked if there would be a unit in the basement in which there would be a studio, and Doyne expanded on his answer and indicated there would be a utility area with a bike rack as part of the project.

After Doyne wrapped up his presentation and all of the questions from the audience had been answered, the proposal went up for a vote.

Ultimately, those in attendance supported the proposal by a vote of 13-5. The next CAMH meeting is scheduled for March 20th.

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