Savant Project closes

The popular bar and restaurant the Savant Project at 1625 Tremont St. closed its doors for good May 22, ending a four-year run.

Savant Project proprietor Benny Kraines was not available for comment.

Mission Hill Main Streets staffer Barry Twomey told the Gazette the restaurant will be missed. “It was an interesting place. It was eclectic,” Twomey said.

He said it was perhaps the only place on the Hill to hear live music, including jazz and bluegrass bands.

“I am sad to see it go,” he said.

When the Gazette visited the closed restaurant last week, it was locked and dark. Posted on the front door was a copy of the May 19 edition of the weekly newspaper the Boston Phoenix.

The headline that week asked “Is this the end?,” a reference to a widely publicized prediction by evangelical preacher and radio broadcaster Harold Camping that the world would end in a process that would start May 21.


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