New NU task force is being assembled

The selection process for Northeastern University’s (NU) new community Task Force, in preparation for NU’s upcoming new institutional master plan (IMP) is under way.

Once the Mayor’s Office and the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) have approved the new Task Force, the list of members will be available on the BRA website.

An IMP is a comprehensive development plan that describes an institution’s existing facilities, long-range planning goals and proposed projects. The institution must update and renew its IMP periodically and must amend it whenever it adds or changes any project significantly. The IMP serves as zoning approval for all its projects.

The NU IMP process includes the appointment of a new BRA-selected Task Force of neighbors and elected officials. Task Force members hold an advisory position in IMP development.

“The BRA will solicit recommendations from elected officials and other stakeholders,” said BRA spokesperson Melina Schuler. “It’s a big commitment and we’re very grateful that we have community members that are willing to be a part of the process.”

Schuler added that the BRA hopes to have the first NU IMP meeting later this month, with a new Task Force representing Mission Hill, Roxbury and the Fenway in attendance.

NU’s last IMP promised 1,200 new on-campus dorm beds, a promise NU has yet to keep. The controversial Grandmarc at Northeastern project would deliver the outstanding beds, but there is significant Y membership opposition to the project.

NU has not announced the contents of the new IMP, though new dorm projects are likely.

NU’s current IMP expires at the end of this year. It has already been extended.

Gazette calls to NU were returned by press time.

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