CAMH opposes condo project

The Community Alliance of Mission Hill (CAMH) voted during a July meeting to oppose a nine-unit condominium project at the corner of Parker and Alleghany Streets that requires 13 zoning code variances, according to CAMH President Jessica Casey.

The vote (52 opposed, 5 approved and 1 undecided) is non-binding, but the City takes it into consideration.

The variances required from the City zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) include nonconforming use, insufficient off-street parking, dimensional regulations and forbidden use. The ZBA was scheduled to hold a hearing on the variances Aug. 7, after the Gazette deadline.

“The Alleghany/Parker project was opposed for many reasons,” Casey said in an email. “Abutters, as well as Mission Hill residents, had major concerns about the number of variances required for the proposed development. The design of the proposed development does not align well with the existing residential structures.”

She added, “The Community Alliance did not feel as though the developer and owner adequately address parking or neighborhood safety in their plans.”

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