Editorial: A S. Huntington vision

It’s time for the City to create a S. Huntington Avenue master plan, or for residents to do so if the City refuses.

For a century, the S. Huntington strip between Huntington Avenue and Bynner Street in JP has been home to institutions serving the poor and the ill. At a stunningly rapid pace and grand scale, it is turning into temporary housing for the healthy and wealthy.

Two big projects are already in the pipeline, a new hotel just opened, and common sense says the soon-to-close Goddard House nursing home on the JP end of the road will be the next super-sized development. And let’s not forget that treasured Emerald Necklace parks sit behind these sites.

The impacts are too complex, too important and too long-lasting to review piecemeal. The developers and owners need to be talking to each other about how these sites work together. The community needs to issue clear guidelines for what it expects on this significant street from current and any future projects.

It’s in everyone’s interest for these enormous investments in our neighborhood to work as well as they can. We need a vision, not a juggling act.

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