Student move-in day is Sept. 1; parking restrictions announced

Parking will be restricted on various Mission Hill streets on Sat., Sept. 1 for student move-in day, as the neighborhood fills with moving trucks. The restrictions listed here do not apply to vehicles with a City of Boston Mission Hill resident parking permit, unless otherwise noted.

The following streets will have “no stopping” restrictions from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with Boston Police towing vehicles that are in violation:

  • Calumet Street (both sides between Darling and Hillside)
  • Cherokee Street (both sides between Pontiac and Hillside)
  • Hillside Street (both side between Parker Hill Avenue and Parker Street)
  • Oswald Street (both sides between Calumet and Hillside)
  • Parker Hill Avenue (west/odd-numbered side between Huntington and Hillside); no parking at all allowed, no matter whether the vehicle has a resident permit sticker.
  • Pontiac Street (both sides between Tremont and Hillside)
  • Sachem Street (both sides between Parker Hill Avenue and Calumet)
  • St. Alphonsus Street (both sides between Alleghany and Calumet)

Information from Boston Transportation Department

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