Mission Hill voters favor liberal candidates

Mission Hill voters turned out in slightly fewer numbers than the city as a whole for the Nov. 6 election, but they followed the city in voting overwhelmingly for President Barack Obama and U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren.

About 59 percent of Mission Hill registered voters turned out for the Nov. 6 election, 5 percent less than the city average. The Mission Hill vote that the Gazette calculated is not exact as some precincts also cover other neighborhoods.

Obama, a Democrat, received the nod from 88 percent of Mission Hill voters, while former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a Republican, garnered 9 percent. Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) received about 1 percent each.

Warren, a Democrat, garnered 85 percent of Mission Hill voters, while incumbent Scott Brown, a Republican, received 14 percent.

U.S. Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren gives her victory speech downtown on Nov. 6. (Photo by Frederick G.S. Clow)

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