CAMH seeks input on mission

The Community Alliance of Mission Hill (CAMH) is asking the neighborhood for input on what its goals for community improvement should be.

At its Feb. 20 meeting, CAMH President Jessica Casey asked those present to come up with reasons they love Mission Hill. At its next meeting, CAMH is hoping to translate that input into what can be improved.

“We have a sense of what people love about the neighborhood, but we need to think more about how to focus our efforts moving forward,” she told the Gazette.

Things residents  and business owners like about the neighborhood include its location, access to different modes of transportation, its diverse population and its balance between commercial, residential and open space.

CAMH also has two new board members, Jimmy Germain and Sylvia Welsh. Its March meeting has not yet been scheduled.

CAMH is a community group oriented at improving the quality of life in Mission Hill through advocacy and action. It meets the third Wednesday of every month.

CAMH’s website is and it has a new Facebook page at

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