Muddy River tests to make gunshot sounds starting April 30

Tests that sound like loud gunshots will be conducted as part of the Muddy River Restoration Project starting tomorrow in the Longwood Medical and Fenway areas.

There will be three loud bangs a day, every other day, from April 30 through May 10 in the Park Drive area between the LMA and the Fenway. The bangs will be about 15 to 30 minutes apart. Traffic in the area will be stopped briefly before the test so that drivers are not startled by the sound while moving.

The tests will help engineers determine how deep they need to dig shafts to create foundations for new culverts for the Muddy River beneath the Riverway, Brookline Avenue and Avenue Louis Pasteur.

The project, planned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is intended to reduce flooding and improve conditions of the Muddy River, which runs between Jamaica Pond in Jamaica Plain and the Charles River at the Charlesgate area.

For any questions about the project, contact Army Corps Project Manager Mike Keegan at [email protected] or 978-318-8087.

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