Clutch Works site project sees community-led revision

Developers of twin residential and commercial buildings at 1486 Tremont St. presented a new, shorter building height in response to community feedback to the Community Alliance of Mission Hill (CAMH) meeting on July 17.

The development of the Boston Clutch Works site at 1486 Tremont St., planned to become rental housing and storefront retail and already approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), has been revised in favor of shorter building. The project is being proposed by local developer Jason Savage and others.

The change to the design means that the twin buildings, wrapped around a central courtyard, will appear to be three stories tall from Dell Avenue at the back of the property instead of four.

“It was a very thought-out design change,” made after listening to community input, Savage said.

The units will be studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms, all of them rental apartments. The developers would restrict undergraduate students from living there in a further nod to neighborhood concerns. Rents are projected to be in the $1,900 for a studio to $3,200 for a large two-bedroom range.

Clutch Works is an auto supply store surrounded by a large parking lot, whose owner has been looking to sell for years. Plans for a KFC fast-food drive-through restaurant drew community outrage a decade ago.

The project’s website is available at An upcoming BRA-required project change meeting is scheduled for Aug. 19. Comments are due to the BRA at [email protected] by Sept. 6.

A future view of the development at 1486 Tremont St. (Courtesy Illustration)

A future view of the development at 1486 Tremont St. (Courtesy Illustration)

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