Call 311 for recovery

A new hotline support system has been launched to help people struggling with substance use and addiction to access recovery resources, according to a press release.

Now anyone in Boston can call 311 24/7 for any level of substance use/addiction treatment, recovery-related support services for friends and family, and answers to general questions related to substance use/addiction.

“We have an incredibly committed treatment community in the City and State health departments and across our City’s network of providers, yet many people in Boston still need help accessing addiction recovery services,” said Mayor Martin Walsh, according to the press release. “311, the City of Boston’s 24/7 hotline for constituent services, has proven successful at providing constituents access to basic municipal services.”

The 311 operators will first receive all recovery calls. Once a call is identified as a recovery services call, it will be referred to a Providing Access to Addictions Treatment, Hope and Support (PAATHS) Recovery Specialist.

PAATHS, a program within Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), is the City of Boston’s program providing access to all levels of addiction treatment services.

Once a recovery specialist is on the line, they will then work with the caller to determine the most relevant services based upon their need.

PAATHS recovery specialists will directly receive calls seven days a week, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on weekends from noon to 4 p.m.  All calls placed to 311 during recovery specialists’ off hours will be referred to the State’s addiction support line, The Helpline, or to designated overnight recovery coach staff located within the Gavin Foundation.

BPHC predicts that this 311 integration will increase the number of weekly PAATHS calls from 100 to 300 and increase the number of people connected to vital recovery services.

“We anticipate that ‘311 for Recovery Services’ will increase constituents’ overall awareness and access to recovery services in Boston,” said BPHC Executive Director Monica Valdes Lupi, according to the press release. “The service supports our efforts to serve residents battling substance use and addiction, meeting people where they are with the support and services they need. People using the service will never be placed on hold and the recovery service specialists will be committed to identifying the unique path that best fits their recovery needs.”

You can learn more information about 311 for Recovery Services at the






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