City makes public records on properties more accessible

The City of Boston has announced the launch of RentSmart Boston, an online tool that allows renters and homeowners to access data about Boston’s properties, according to a press release.

RentSmart compiles data from BOS:311 and the City’s Inspectional Services Department in order to give prospective tenants a more complete picture of the homes and apartments they are considering renting. Users enter an address, and the tool develops a report on any previous issues with the property. These issues could be related to housing violations; building violations; enforcement violations; housing complaints; sanitation requests; and/or civic maintenance requests.

“The City is the keeper of significant data that can help renters make good decisions about the properties they’re considering renting,” said Mayor Walsh, according to the press release. “We are dedicated to ensuring all residents in Boston have secure housing, and I encourage all renters to use these reports to help them with their housing choices.”

RentSmart was developed through a collaboration between the City of Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development and the Department of Innovation and Technology.

“Boston is using innovative tools and solutions to make living in Boston better for all,” said Boston’s Chief Information Officer Jascha Franklin-Hodge, according to the press release. “By making this data easily accessible, we’re giving renters tools to make informed decisions before they choose an apartment or house to rent, creating more informed tenants.”

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