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NBA player Wayne Selden, Jr., a former Mission Hill resident, handing out backpacks to BPS students at the Bolling Building.
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Good luck to Kevin Hearn, who will soon be a freshman at Florida State University. Kevin, the son of Kevin and Laura (Killion) Hearn, has fine lineage. His grandfather, John Killion, was my close friend and Mission High classmate. Kevin’s grandmother was Jeanne Killion (Hart), who was “Miss Mission” at our former great school. John and Jeanne passed away in 2004.

John Killion was the best friend a man could have. George Rollins and I watched the Red Sox-Yankees playoff game at John’s house in 2004 when he was battling cancer and tiny Kevin Hearn was also visiting. Kevin was a brilliant student and a terrific athlete at Catholic Memorial, where he graduated last year and he will study International Business at Florida State University. John and Jeanne would be so proud, as are his other grandparents, John Hearn and Carol Hearn.

Condolences to the family of Rene Loughran (Kelley), who passed away last month. Rene was a lovely woman who had an open door policy with her neighbors. Former Mission Hill resident, Jason Alden, a close friend of Patrick Loughran, fondly recalled spending many days at the Loughran household. Rene lived in one of the houses that connects Pontiac and St. Alphonsus streets, unofficially called “Kelley’s Alley”, named after Rene’s beloved brother, Tommy Kelley.

Good luck to Mission Hill’s Richie Caulfield, who retired after 40 years as a Boston Police Officer. Richie occasionally would stop by the Mission Hill Post, always with a smile and an interesting story. Richie worked at Police Headquarters as a dispatcher, taking the 911 calls. About 18 years ago I spent a few hours with Richie at the headquarters on Columbus Avenue and it made for an interesting column. Richie was adept at deciding which 911 calls needed immediate response and he was a true professional. Richie was also patient with the plethora of nutty calls that he received that night.

Seth Burns was in the North End last week for the Fisherman’s Feast celebration when he was mistaken for William Gross, our new police commissioner. There is a resemblance. Around the Hill, Seth is called the “Mayor of Mission Hill.”

Welcome Austin Simpson, a newcomer to Mission Hill. Austin, who served in the U.S. Marines, is a great guy who occasionally stops by Flann O’Brien’s Pub.

Happy birthday (Sept. 4) to my favorite bartender, Mairead Murphy. Mairead, a fine looking woman from Galway, does her pouring at Flann O’Brien’s Pub.

My brother Dan Martin will celebrate his 74th birthday Sept. 19.  Dan won the World Championship handball tournament (over 50 division) in 1994 in County Clare, Ireland and he is still an outstanding player.

I read James Redfearn’s new book, “An Appointed Time” and it is a wonderfully written novel about the Massachusetts State Police force in the late 1950s, based on historical facts. Jim grew up in Mission Hill, two floors below me at 32 Tobin Court. Jim’s first book, “The Rising at Roxbury Crossing”, about the 1919 Boston Police strike, was published in 2012.

The seventh annual Dixie Cup Soccer Tournament will be held Saturday, Sept. 8 at Smith St. Playground. The event is named in honor of Mission Hill resident, Jonathan Dixon. Players interested in participating may check with one of the Mission Hill taverns.

Congratulations to team curators Sylvie Agudelo and Randace Rauscher who put on a handsome group exhibit last month at the Boston Cyber Arts Gallery at Green Street T Station.

This month in Mission Hill history: Thousands gathered at Calumet Square (107 Calumet St.) on Sept. 24, 1937 for a rally for Boston Mayoral candidate, Maurice J. Tobin, featuring fireworks and bands. Tobin won the election defeating James Michael Curly.

Wayne Selden, a basketball star from Mission Hill, who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies, delighted more than 100 youngsters last week at the Bruce Bolling Building in Roxbury at his second annual Back to School Back Pack Giveaway. Wayne, who often comes back to his neighborhood, was affable, chatting with the kids and signing autographs. The Grizzlies play the Celtics at the Garden Jan. 18 and I’ll be there wearing my autographed Memphis Grizzlie jersey.

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