‘Green’ real estate firm moves to Hill

Boston Green Realty, a full-service real estate company specializing in environmental and energy-efficiency advice, this month moved from the Back Bay to 1542 Tremont St.

The 12-year-old company is run by Suzanne and Leland DiMeco and already has a local presence, managing some buildings on Parker and Tremont streets.

“We wanted to be more in a community,” Suzanne DiMeco said of the move to Mission Hill.

The DiMecos are “EcoBrokers,” meaning they are certified in green housing issues after taking courses offered by Colorado-based EcoBrokers International. They can offer advice on a property’s potential liabilities with such health issues as mold and lead paint, as well as how to find energy savings.

Suzanne DiMeco said that sort of advice doesn’t come up much in some parts of the business, such as rentals. But in the sale of an older home, for example, the buyer might overlook the impact of energy efficiency on the deal.

“They might be able to afford the mortgage, but not the utility costs,” she said, adding that her company can arrange special efficiency inspections.

Asked about the Mission Hill real estate, Suzanne DiMeco said she hopes to encourage more home-ownership sales in a market currently dominated by student tenants and rising rents.

“This is the lowest neighborhood for home-ownership in the city. You only multifamily sales here, so investors are passing to investors,” she said, noting that it is difficult for longtime families to remain.

Boston Green Realty can be contacted at 617-262-3075 or bostongreenrealty.com.

Suzanne and Leland DiMeco in their new Boston Green Realty office at 1542 Tremont St. (Courtesy Photo)

Suzanne and Leland DiMeco in their new Boston Green Realty office at 1542 Tremont St. (Courtesy Photo)

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